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Khalid Said Khocayev‘s work "My old memories and feelings in the new alphabet paths" published

09-06-2023 [ 14:58 ] [ read:63 ]
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Khalid Said Khojayev is one of the prominent figures of 20th century Azerbaijani linguistics, was engraved in the national historical memory with his personality, literary and scientific activity, deep thinking and the right steps he took. Khalid Said Khocayev's work "My old memories and feelings in the new alphabet paths" is a memoir type of memories. This work, written by the author in 1928 was first published as a book in 1929 and is one of the first books written in the new Latin alphabet. The reprint of this work, which was not published again for nearly a century, was carried out in Uzbekistan in 2020 by Professor Hamidullah Baltobayev of the National University of Uzbekistan. The new edition of the work was published in Uzbek and Azerbaijani languages. Khalid Said Khocayev's work "My old memories and feelings in new alphabet paths" was republished in 2023. The book was published by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences on April 6, 2022, with the financial support of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The book consists of 204 pages. Nushaba Adgozelzadeh reworked the text from the 1929 edition. Scientific editor of the book: academician Isa Habibbayli, editor, publisher Almaz Ulvi (Binnetova), doctor of philological sciences, reviewers: doctor of philological sciences, professor Hamidulla Baltobayev, doctor of philological sciences, professor Yashar Gasimbeyli, responsible secretary Shabnam Mirzazadeh, proofreader Shahnaz Nasibli. Almaz Ülvi wrote the foreword to the book titled "Loyalty Debt". The 95-year-old daughter of Khalid Said Khojayev, Bahija Mammadova, who lives in Toronto, said, "I am happy that extraordinary personalities like Khalid Said are not forgotten. In her article "He is my father", Ms. Bahija highlighted a number of facts about her father's life and work. The book opens with Khalid Said Khocayev's article "A few words from the writer". Another article written in Azerbaijani language is the presentation "About Khalid Said" by Aziz Gubaidulli, one of the teachers of the Oriental Faculty of Baku Darulfun. The work "My old memories and feelings on new alphabet roads" consists of 3 parts: 1. Baku-Crimea-Moscow; 2. Moscow-Turkestan; 3. Turkolji congress. Baku-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan. The first part, Baku-Crimea-Moscow, begins with the subtitle "Where and why we are going", and from this part, the emergency situation of the period written against the background of Khalid Said's memoirs and the ways to get out of this situation are reflected. This part consists of such subsections as Mineralnyi-Rostov, Rostov-Aghmasjid, Aghmasjid, Aghmasjid. Bakhchasaray, the first meeting in Aghmasjid, Aghmasjid-Sevastopol, on the road to Sevastopol, towards Aghmasjid, at the House of Education.

The last part ends with the presentation of the subheading "Different alphabets used in Turkestan and their historical overview".