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Academy Scientific Research Institutions held a meeting devoted to the creation of a network of electronic services

04-04-2023 [ 13:06 ] [ read:144 ]
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On April 3, a meeting was held in the "Shusha" hall of the Central Scientific Library dedicated to the creation of a network of electronic services in scientific research institutions of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

ANAS President, Academician Isa Habibbayli, members of the Presidium, general and executive directors of scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS, scientific secretaries, persons responsible for international and public relations, library managers and young scientists participated in the event.

Academician Isa Habibbeyli, ANAS President, who opened the meeting with his introductory speech, noted that significant work is currently being done in the direction of building an information society in our country. Academician Isa Habibbeyli emphasized that the creation of the "Electronic Academy" is one of the necessary issues for ANAS to reach a level capable of competing with world science and to take its rightful place in world science.

Stating that important steps have been taken in this direction, the head of ANAS spoke about the work done in various fields of society, including the scientific sphere, in the direction of transforming oil capital into human capital in our country and implementing the challenges of the IV Industrial Revolution with the relevant orders of President Ilham Aliyev. He said that the relevant decrees of the head of state set the task of establishing the use of electronic tools at the level of modern requirements in the field of science.

"The only way to create a renewed Academy is to build a network of electronic services, make it operational and constantly improve it," said academician Isa Habibbayli, noting that action plans for several stages are planned in this direction. The speaker said that the "Electronic Academy" department, which is the first step in this direction, was created, and relevant tasks were given to the scientific departments of ANAS to identify scientific problems related to digital development, artificial intelligence, and to determine measures to promote this field. The head of ANAS pointed out that the newly established "Electronic Academy" department in the Academy will work in the direction of the formation of electronic management, digital transformations, and the application of new management technologies and systems, which are important directions of the state policy implemented by AR President Ilham Aliyev in our country.

Academician Isa Habibbeyli improved and modernized the system of electronic resources in the Academy, increased attention to the issues of representation of ANAS in international organizations, creation of websites of printed journals, full establishment of the "Electronic Library" service, etc. noted the importance of the issues. The scientist also touched on the necessity of regular monitoring and consultations in this direction.

Academician Isa Habibbeyli, who said that the activities related to Wikipedia in ANAS are carried out by the Central Scientific Library, said that one of the future goals is the creation of groups in scientific institutions around the said Wikipedia group in the Academy, as well as coordination and improvement of their activities. Emphasizing that Wikipedia activity is one of the main guiding parts of the electronic movement of the Academy, the head of ANAS said that Azerbaijan ranks in the middle of the world Wikipedias, and touched on the importance of the electronic encyclopedia in conveying the truths of Azerbaijan to the world and in the ideological struggle.

The scientist also drew attention to the fact that only a small number of ANAS employees participated in "Google Scholar" and noted the importance of expanding the activity in this direction with the encouragement of the management of institutes, creating accounts of all ANAS employees on "Google Scholar" and other scientific social networks.

At the end of his speech, the President of ANAS called on the heads of institutes and organizations to closely participate and support in this direction in order to establish electronic services in scientific institutions at the level of today's requirements.

At the event, the head of the "Electronic Academy" department, r.u.f.d. Fariz Imranov spoke about the activity program of the "Electronic Academy" department and the creation of a network of electronic services in the scientific-research institutions of ANAS. He presented the preliminary results of the monitoring of the activities of the Academy's websites, scientific publications, social networks, as well as Google Scholar and other international scientific databases. Fariz Imranov addressed the current problems related to the network of electronic services in ANAS, voiced his suggestions and answered the questions of the participants.

Elnur Eltürk, chief specialist of the "Electronic Academy" department, said in his speech on "Activity of ANAS employees in the Wikipedia virtual encyclopedia and upcoming tasks" that the activities related to the creation of Wikipedia groups in the institutes of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences are continued. He noted that Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi and Manuscripts named after Muhammad Fuzuli institute 

employees of the institutes are given Wikipedia training at the Central Scientific Library, and those groups will create new articles and carry out major editing: "In general, the actions implemented by each scientific institution of the Academy in this electronic encyclopedia will lead to the expansion of Wikipedia activities in the country."

Speaking later, the vice-president of ANAS, academician Rasim Aliguliyev said that the head of the country signed numerous decrees and orders related to the creation and development of the information society in Azerbaijan, and set specific tasks in this direction for relevant state bodies, as well as scientists and specialists. He emphasized the need to take adequate measures in this field and conduct multidisciplinary research that meets the requirements of world science in a time when the world's global challenges, digitization and the use of electronic services are rapidly expanding in recent years. Academician Rasim Aliguliyev noted that the creation of a network of electronic services in scientific research institutions of ANAS is commendable, said that he is always ready to provide the necessary support in this direction, and called on the responsible persons to actively participate in the implementation of the assigned tasks, to work together.

Academician Govhar Bakhshaliyeva, acting vice-president of ANAS, spoke about the measures implemented in the direction of the development of electronic science at the Institute of Oriental Studies, which he heads.

Speaking at the event, Musa Gasimli, director general of the Institute of Caucasian Studies, correspondent member of ANAS, noted the role of scientific journals in bringing scientific achievements to the world, emphasized the importance of opening individual profiles in databases such as "Academy edu", "Google Scholar" and the expansion of activities in this direction depends on each employee. 

At the meeting, the Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of Nasimi Institute of Linguistics of ANAS, Ph.D., Assoc. Gunel Orujova, Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of the Institute of Oriental Studies named after Academician Z. Bunyadov, Doctor of Philosophy Elnur Mustafayev, Head of the Department of Education of the Folklore Institute Laman Huseynova and others also spoke and informed about the electronic activities of the scientific institutions they represent.