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21 Azer Movement in South Azerbaijani literature - Esmira Fuad

07-12-2022 [ 12:33 ] [ read:123 ]
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At the time when preparations for the 21st Azer Movement were underway, when the movement took place and new glorious pages of the history of Azerbaijan were written until its defeat, there was a great revival in the development of literature in the South, and it began to progress at an unprecedented speed. In a word, the researchers value the 1940s-50s as the flourishing period of South Azerbaijani literature. Mirza Ibrahimov, an outstanding writer and scientist, wrote: "Scientific thought, common sense, the description and glorification of the advanced ideals of the time, the lofty feelings of the human heart and the spiritual world of the people, and the highest goals occupy a large place in the literature of South Azerbaijan. What inspires a poet and writer to write such works? ? First of all, it is love for the people, the truth, a pure, pure human feeling, patriotism! In the southern poets, these feelings, these riches of the era of revolutionary upheavals ignite and give light like fire breaking out of the chest!" How right, our great writer!

Let me note that after the victory of the 21 Azer Movement - Nehzati, for the first time in the history of Iran, the political power is transferred to the hands of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party created by the people and its leaders. bodies - the National Government and the National Assembly are organized (December 21, 1945). All these important revolutionary works opened wide opportunities for the free development of Azerbaijani literature branches of revolutionary publicism, poetry, prose, dramaturgy in that period of time.

S.C. Peshavari, the leader of the National Liberation Movement, the head of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party, and a freedom devotee who won the deep love of the people, was also a talented writer and an experienced publicist, and he was in search of the truth in the war. In search of the truth that the people of South Azerbaijan have lost for years. Therefore, as a writer and an experienced publicist, S.C. Peshavari created and led important press organizations such as "Hürriyet", "Yoldash", "Azerbaijan Fuqarasi" and "Azerbaijan" newspaper, which contributed to the comprehensive development of the country and the progress of culture. He formed the press of Azerbaijan. Such a high-level press, which was able to create the ideological basis of the freedom movement, has adequately coped with conveying the essence of this ideology, the explanation work to the villages and cities, to a wide section of the population - to the workers.

The pearls of art created by poets and writers based on their observations on the war fronts are published in such media outlets as "Azerbaijan", "Covdat", "Urmiya", "Victory", "Azad Millati", "Azer", "Gunesh", "Demokrat", "Fedai". ", "Azerbaijan udulzdu" newspapers and magazines were published, delivered to the public, educational and revolutionary propaganda work was carried out on a large scale.