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Azerbaijan’s Shusha city declared Cultural capital of Islamic world for 2024

25-09-2023 [ 22:00 ] [ read:61 ]
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During the 12th Conference of Ministers of Culture of the Islamic World held in Doha, Qatar, Azerbaijan's Minister of Culture Adil Karimli presented nomination of Shusha as a candidate city for the Cultural capital of the Islamic world for 2024 to the ICESCO cultural capital of the Islamic world program. Shusha was one of the important centers of the historical, cultural, social and political life of Azerbaijan, as well as one of the symbols of Islamic civilization.

2022 has been declared as the "Year of Shusha" in Azerbaijan. The country has hosted music festivals, poetry days, and numerous local and international cultural events in order to support the revival of Shusha's cultural life. The city of Shusha was declared “the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World” by the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY) in 2022.

By unanimous decision of the conference participants, Shusha was declared the Cultural capital of the Islamic world for 2024.

Aynur Yusifova