Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi

New publications

Bibliography of Azerbaijani literary studies during the period of scientific independence (1991–2023)

Republic ideology by Asif Rustaml

Based on the joint project of the Institute of Literature, the issue of "Ulduz" journal dedicated to World Children‘s Literature was published

"Kitabi Dede Gorgud" in the era of independence

Ilhama Agazadeh. Azerbaijaniism and national self-awareness in children‘s literature

Academician Isa Habibbayli. "Kitabi-Dada Korgud" epic from Heydar Aliyev to Ilham Aliyev"

Abdulla Shaig‘s 1919 edition of "Turkish Garland" for secondary schools was republished at the Institute of Literature

Elnara Garagozova. Yusif Samadoglu‘s life and work

About the problematic and artistic language of Khurzad Ahmadli‘s poetry - Salida Sharifova

Contribution to Rasulzade‘s Jubilee from Nasiman Yagublu - Vugar Ahmed

Gulnar Sama‘s book "Sozumiz sozdür-2 published

Book "A Review on the Stories of Menzer Niyarly" by Zeyneb Yıldırım, a Doctoral student of Ege University published

Mehman Hasanli. Chengiz Aytmatov phenomenon and Azerbaijan

"Ziyayi-Qafqaziyya" newspaper was transliterated and published as a book

Signature of Tofig Mahmud in children‘s literature (collective)

Tehran Alishanoglu. Essays on Azerbaijanism. To the 100th anniversary of the great leader Heydar Aliyev

An 8-volume unique work titeled "Encyclopedia of Turkish Humanities" published

Presentation of publications dedicated to the life and creativity of Nurangiz Gün

Tehran Alishanoglu. Heydar Aliyev in Azerbaijani literature of the period of independence

Book VI of "Issues in 20th Century Azerbaijani Literature" published

Shahbaz Shamioglu (Musayev). Ahmet Agaoglu: his life, environment, prose and epistolary legacy

Mammad Aliyev. "The light of blue-green eyes"

Salida Sharifova. The first Azerbaijani novels

Academician Kemal Talibzadeh ("Scientific passport of the artist - 42")

Leaves from French poetry (under the project management of Marjan Sofiyeva)

Marziyya Najafova. From war to victory - free Shusha in literature

Mir Jafar Pishevari – Secret signed articles (1945-1946)

Azerbaijani literary studies - 2023 - #1

Esmira Fouad. Shusha in the artistic thinking of Azerbaijan

Mehman Hasanli. “Jadidism (socio-political and intellectual movement among Muslim (mainly Turkic) peoples in Uzbek literature of the early XX century"