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Doctor of Philology Salida Sharifova awarded ANAS "Record in reference" diploma

07-03-2024 [ 09:10 ] [ read:49 ]
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Doctor of Philology Salida Sharifova was awarded the "Record in Citation" diploma of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences for her distinction in the field of numerous references to her scientific works in the science of Azerbaijani literary studies.

 Russian Academy of Sciences at the Institute of World Literature named after A. M. Gorky 10.01.08 — Literary theory. Salida Sharifova, who defended her doctoral dissertation in textual studies and was awarded the title of doctor of philological sciences, wrote "The first Azerbaijani novels", "The process of formation and formation of Azerbaijani prose genres (until the beginning of the 20th century)", "Theoretical overview of the literary process (critical articles - 2003-2005- years. Book I)", "Problems of description of socio-political environment in modern Azerbaijani novels", "Theoretical review of the literary process (articles of 2006-2007). The second book", "Genesis of the Azerbaijani novel: genre characteristics of the novel-story and "small novel"", "Genre mixing in the novel: communicative-sociocognitive approach", "Melting candle (collection of stories)", "Contemporary Azerbaijani postmodern novel", " Classics and moderns at the level of words", "Victory of Dionysus (collection of stories)", "ديونيسين قلبه سي", "اريين شما", "Genre diversity of Sabir Rustamkhanli's creativity", "Problematics, genre diversity and artistic features of Faraj Farajov's creativity", "Theoretical He is the author of monographs, books and collections of stories such as "Problems of genre mixing and literary influence in western and eastern literature", "Genre features, problematics, images and artistic language of works reflecting the subject of Karabakh in Azerbaijani literature of the period of independence".