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Amir Khosrov Dahlavi (Book 39 of the "Artist‘s Scientific Passport" series)

04-04-2023 [ 14:56 ] [ read:68 ]
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The monograph "Amir Khosrov Dahlavi" was prepared by the Department of Azerbaijani Literature of the common beginning and renaissance period. The book is the 39th edition of the "Artist's scientific passport series" ("Science and education" publication, 2023, 184 p.)

          The scientific editor of the book is the president of ANAS, Academician Isa Habibbayli, the author of the foreword and the editor-in-chief, Doctor of Philology, Professor Imamverdi Hamidov. The reviewer is Konul Hajiyeva, PhD in Philology, associate professor.

          The collective monograph is a scientific publication about the era, life, works and art of Amir Khosrov Dahlavi, one of the worthy successors of Nizami Ganjavi and a well-known representative of Persian-language literature in India. The book evaluates the influence of Nizami Ganjavi's "Khamsa" in the works of the poet, as well as the work done by Azerbaijani scientists in the field of research, translation and publication of Dahlavi heritage in our country.

          The authors of the book studies are Imamverdi Hamidov, Konul Hajiyeva, Nushaba Arasli, Zahra Allahverdiyeva, Vafa Hajiyeva, and Basira Azizaliyeva from the Institute of Literature. The book also contains excerpts from Dahlavi's work "Shirin and Khosrov".