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Alizadeh Askerli. Bakhtiyar Vahabzade (life, environment and creativity)

05-12-2022 [ 13:07 ] [ read:140 ]
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Alizadeh Askerli. Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh (life, environment and creativity). Scientific passport of the artist - 32. - Baku: Science and education, 2022. - 556 p.

Scientific editor and author of the foreword: Academician Isa Habibbayli; responsible editor: Aygün Bagırlı; reviewers: Rahid Ulusel, Aslan Salmansoy.

The national and human resources of the artist's poetry, its theme, idea-content and artistic form content, as well as the poet's Azerbaijaniness are discussed in the monograph about the national poet, dramatist, literary critic-scientist and public figure, State prize winner, ANAS acctive member, Professor Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh, views of Turkism and religiosity, the struggle for the evolution of the Azerbaijani national idea is reflected in the literary-philosophical and ideological context.

In the fourth and fifth chapters of the research, poems and dramaturgy creations of the outstanding artist, their ideological-artistic features and stylistic individuality were discussed.

The monograph is intended for specialists in the field of science and education.

A wide readership can also benefit from the book.