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A living library, or scientist without a diploma - Gulam Mammadli-125 - Vagif Yusifli

07-04-2022 [ 11:33 ] [ read:91 ]
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Gulam Mammadli - one of the most memorable names in the Azerbaijani culture of the twentieth century, a tireless researcher of the history of theater and press, a well-known textologist, a living encyclopedia (1897-1994). If he lived a few more years, he would be 100 years old. He longed for the light of the world in the last days and months of his life. But for several literary chronicles he compiled ("Molla Nasreddin", "Huseyn Arablinsky", "Chronicle of the Azerbaijani theater" - two parts, "Uzeyir Hajibeyov", "Javid throughout his life", "Nariman Narimanov", "Abbas Mirza Sharifzade"), for years Gulam Muallim's life was illuminated by the pages of newspapers and magazines, the extremely rare manuscripts he found in the world of science, the collection of dozens of unpublished artists, and hundreds of articles on various problems of our literature, press, and theater. This light introduced the poetess of Azerbaijan Fuzuli Heyran khanum to the people, Mirza Jalil, Huseyn Javid, Jafar Jabbarli, Nariman Narimanov, Huseyn Arablinski, Abbas Mirza Sharifzade, Jahangir Zeynalov and many others. He clarified the existence of artists who had a great contribution to the formation of the Azerbaijani theater, in short, he was inexhaustible.

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