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"Literary process - 2022" scientific-creative conference was held

25-07-2023 [ 17:17 ] [ read:301 ]
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On July 21, a scientific-creative conference on  "Literary process - 2022" was held at the "Natavan club" of the Azerbaijan Writers' Union  by  the organization of the Nizami Ganjavi Institute of Literature of ANAS.

ANAS President, Academician Isa Habibbeyli, chairman of Azerbaijan Writers' Union, People's writer Anar, scientists of the Institute of Literature, writers and mass media representatives attended the event.

Before the anniversary event, an exhibition of works published by the Institute of Literature within the framework of the "Literary Process" scientific-creative conference was shown.

Academician Isa Habibbayli, ANAS President, General Director of the Institute of Literature after Nizami Ganjavi opened the meeting, said that at the end of the 70s of the 20th century, the "Literary Process" meetings were held for the first time at the Institute of Literature by the initiative of Yashar Garayev, a prominent literary critic, corresponding member of ANAS.

Academician Isa Habibbayli, who pointed out that the last scientific-creative conference "Literary Process" was held in 1984, pointed out that only 30 years later, due to the wide opportunities opened by the period of independence, the said conference was restored under his leadership at the Institute of Literature. He noted that, unlike the deliberations held in the Soviet era, the special events created in the field of scientific, cultural, and public opinion during the period of independence created opportunities for the solemn conduct of the literary process and the wider involvement of the literary environment in the process.

The "Literary Process" creative conference analyzes the literary process of the previous year by genres every year and tries to show the dynamics, problems, and shortcomings of this eve, our scientists put forward their suggestions and recommendations about the ways out. At the "Literary Process" meetings of the past years, in some cases, more than 30 reports were heard. During the Soviet years, there were discussions about poetry, prose, dramaturgy, criticism and journalism. When we started this process again in 2014, in addition to mentioning the mentioned 5 main foundations, we also listened to reports and held discussions from literary relations and other fields. We listened and analyzed the literary processes with separate reports on different genres and directions, which made it possible to show the evolution, development dynamics, current opportunities, shortcomings and future prospects of a specific genre. Apart from the general directions about genres, those reports are of great importance for the benefit of literary history and the literary process, to study it more deeply, concretely, in a different way", said Academician Isa Habibbayli.

The head of ANAS said that the materials of the creative meetings held in the past 10 years were presented to the public in the form of books, collections, and articles, and said that those reports are excellent reviews of criticism written in a scientific and theoretical manner, which have a large volume in Azerbaijan. Academician Isa Habibbayli, characterizing each of these collections as a perfect monographic research work, a collection of literature that shows all the pulse, development trends, creative achievements, and successes of the 10-year literary period, said that these studies have an extremely high value in terms of literature and science.

Academician Isa Habibbeyli said that relations between the Azerbaijan Writers' Union and the Institute of Literature are currently at a very high level, and these relations have a positive effect on the writing environment. He emphasized that this factor is the main factor regulating serving real literature, and as a result, the interaction between the "Literary Process" and the Writers' Union is both useful for the development of literature and makes important contributions to the science of literary studies: "As Muhammad Fuzuli said, "Poetry without science is like a baseless wall." Recently, I have noticed that social networks have also joined the "Literary Process". In this year's meeting, it is planned to listen to a separate report on social network literature. Thus, "Literary process" has changed from a scientific conference to a literary movement. At the same time, the phrase "literary processors" has appeared, and among the young people, doctors of sciences and doctors of philosophy have grown up. "Literary process" discussions took part in the creation of a new trend in Azerbaijani science. Neologism, realism, postmodernism, and academism are already observed in our literature. It also has its creators and representatives. Among them, Isa Habibbayli, Rafael Huseynov, Teymur Karimli, Hamlet Isakhanli, Kamal Abdulla, Mammad Aliyev and others can be mentioned.

At the end of his speech, Academician Isa Habibbayli wished success to the work of this year's "Literary Process".

The Chairman of the Azerbaijan Writers' Union, People's Writer Anar welcomed the guests and noted that the analysis, criticism and research of poetry, prose, dramaturgy and literary creativity are the two wings of literature, and without these two wings, the normal literary process cannot proceed.

Stating that there are close relations between the Institute of Literature and the Union of Writers, and that these relations have expanded even more after academician Isa Habibbeyli became the head of ANAS, Anar expressed his gratitude to the president of the Academy for holding the anniversary event of the "Literary Process" conference at AYB. He also appreciated the donation of the works published in the Institute of Literature to the library of the Writers' Union within the framework of the "Literary Process".

Then at the event Doctor of Philology Elnara Akimova , Corresponding Member of ANAS Tehran Alishanoglu, Doctor of Philology Azer Turan, Doctor of Philology Maral Yagubova, Doctor of Philology Aynura Mustafayev, Doctor of Philology Vagif Yusifli and Doctor of Philology Aygun Bagirly delivered the reports.

It should be noted that the reports presented at the event will be published in bulk.