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"The smell of algae" : a new literary model instilling a common Turkic ideology - Salida Sharifova

21-04-2022 [ 12:09 ] [ read:63 ]
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Sabir Shahtakhtli's novel "The Scent of Algae" ("The Scent of Algae"), which has appeared in various periodicals in the periodicals, is of interest as an example of the new all-Turkic literature recently written. The creation of the work in the context of the Turkic world suggests that Sabir Shahtakhtli is accepted as an all-Turkish writer. Because the work is not addressed only to the Azerbaijani reader, nor to the Turkish reader, but to the all-Turkish reader in a broad sense. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the novel reflects the inability of the states and nations to find their full place. This point is also reflected by Sabir Shahtakhtli as the main problem of the novel. The fact that Rasul, the protagonist of the work, is from Afghanistan and lives in Turkey, Libya, Azerbaijan and Russia is noteworthy. As Rasul travels to Libya with his family, many questions arise for the reader. Why Libya? What attracted the Messenger to Libya? It should be noted that Libya has historically been one of the territories of the Ottoman Empire. The novel subtly describes the political events in Afghanistan. It is especially noted that the Afghan people first fought against the USSR with the weapons of the United States, and then in the historical period they took weapons from the Russian army and fought against the United States.

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